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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
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Chapter 1158 – Bad Luck Meeting Lin Che show queen
He did not fail Gorgeous Superstar. Sure adequate, he been able to bring up a couple of newcomers producing a good name for Perfect Legend in the marketplace.
Lin Che laughed cheekily. “Well, it’s still a top secret right now. I will only pray everybody can supply a little bit independence. I am hoping for you to use a associations.h.i.+p much like a regular person. This is why I remaining for such a long time. Thank you so much, absolutely everyone.”
When Lin Che acquired over the vehicle, she found the most notable lookups on the web and realized that she truly “announced her associations.h.i.+p.”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
“Well, I did not,” Lin Che replied.
When Lin Che received in the vehicle, she saw the top lookups on the internet and seen that she essentially “announced her relationships.h.i.+p.”
Wu Yufei was disregarded via the marketing. She withstood there frustratedly like a freezing breeze grazed prior her.
“Oh, you should.” Liang Shan clenched his fists and gritted his the teeth. This Lin Che.
“Is he inside or outside the circle?”
Liang Shan was no saint. He viewed Wu Yufei and said, “What are you currently frightened of? I said that they are expired things. Do not be scared. You’re still fresh and you’ll convey more time for you to be well-known compared to they do. It’s just one expired lady celebrity and you are already so fearful. You are too cowardly. Be braver, you listen to me? Never be considered a disgrace to Gorgeous Legend.”
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Nonetheless, he could only permit go helplessly. He explained to Wu Yufei, “It has not a thing regarding you. This Lin Che is toxic.”
“Brother Liang, is my global recognition that bad now? Am I failing to get plenty of exposure just recently?”
Liang Shan also did not assume this. He went exterior to inquire about. “Who is the fact?”
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These reporters immediately grew to be busybodies and bombarded her with concerns.
Hearing his thoughts, Wu Yufei could only straighten up and carry on walking.
Really, she does.
“I have not.”
“Brother Liang, it is Lin Che.”
“Take a guess.” Lin Che smiled.
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“Are you gonna have kids?”
Lin Che needed a peek and said to Mu Feiran, “There is an excellent indicating. Dress clashes are not distressing. Remaining ugly is scary. It’s the identical inside our market. b.u.mping into one another is just not scary, but simply being a lesser amount of well-known as opposed to other is distressing.”
Liang Shan was no saint. He looked at Wu Yufei and claimed, “What will you be frightened of? I informed you that they are expired items. Do not be scared. You’re still little and you’ll acquire more time and energy to be well known compared to they do. It is one specific expired feminine star and you’re already so frightened. You’re too cowardly. Be braver, you pick up me? Never certainly be a disgrace to Perfect Superstar.”
Lin Che’s two-character identify felt very particular to enthusiasts. It was actually specific, interesting, and comical. Regardless, she was simply totally different from people low-cost products outside the house.
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The potential boyfriends they chose were… not actually nearby the true an individual.
All people did start to speculate and ponder who exactly was her boyfriend.
“No way. The fans don’t are convinced you.”
When she satisfied Lin Che, she would need to vacation a long way away from her.